Wicked Plus EDF Motor 4400KV

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The new version of the Wicked EDF motor has arrived! This motor was designed specifically to operate in the 600-800 watt range with 4S lipos. This is a great motor for use in the Wicked 60mm EDF fan unit and the 5 blade rotor on 4S lipo. This will fly a Hobby People F-16 over 115 mph straight an level. The Alfa EDF models (Mig-15, A-4, F-16, and F-86) at 120 mph.  Also great for twin EDF models like the Blitz F-14 which uses twin 60mm fans.  This is a high efflux setup for 60mm EDF models. Motor leads are bare wire and direct soldering of motor wires to the ESC is recommended.

Motor weight with standoff adapter ready to mount: 86 grams
KV: 4400
Shaft size: 3.00mm for Hyperflow and Wicked 60mm fan or 4mm for HET 6404
ESC Timing: Low for Flyfun Series ESCs (higher timing does not increase RPM only amp draw)

Here is some test data from my Eagletree logger (more data to come)

Wicked 60mm 5 blade rotor on 4S lipo: 56,800 rpm, 650 watts, 44.5 amps
(Dynamic balancing recommended at these rpms and power levels)

NOTE: This motor is not intended to be used in any fan larger than 64mm. Use in bigger fans or at higher watt levels is at your risk.

Motor with standoff adapter and no rotor plug : 3mm shaft output for use in Wicked 60mm fan or 1/8" shaft output.

WARNING: Do not use any Wicked EDF motors with Electrifly or Suppo brushless ESCs, they can not handle the the high rpm of a 6 pole outrunner and will fry the ESC and motor. The Hobbywing FlyFun brand of ESCs are the only recommended ESC for all Wicked EDF motors, set timing to "low". If using any other brand please contact the ESC manufacturer to get the rpm limitation of the ESC with a 6 pole outrunner motor.  If you are unsure of the ESC you have then please email DonsRC before you try as DonsRC can not be held responsible for burned out motors which are damaged due to lower quality brushless ESCs.

DO NOT SHORTEN THE THREE MOTOR WIRES UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES. Shortening the motors wires will VOID any warranty and DonsRC will not service any motors or be held responsible for any collateral damage to ESCs, fan units, lipos, planes, etc when motor leads have been shortened. In other words don't do it!

NOTE: The use of bullet connector on the motor leads is NOT recommended. Direct solder the motor leads to the ESC leads with 1/4" overlap. Bullet connectors can cause issues that can lead to ESC failure and or motor failure. Use bullet connectors at your own risk.

Product Code: WICKED_PLUS_4400

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