Hobbywing FlyFun 60 amp ESC


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Genuine Hobbywing FlyFun 60 amp ESC with 3A switching BEC
(Formerly called "Pentium" by Hobbywing)

NOTE: Beware of low cost Hobbywing Pentium knockoffs being sold elsewhere. Hobbywing discontinued the "Pentium" series ESC back in May 2011. Each Flyfun ESC sold by DonsRC comes with a Hobbywing Anti-Counterfeit Code.

FlyFun Series ESCs have lower internal resistance, thicker copper  traces,
and more efficient MOSFETs making them a superior value for their money
than other ESC on the market. Packed with programing
features which do not require a special programming card to activate, these
ESC's are the best bang for your buck on the market today.

Current rating:
60amp continuous (80A burst <10 seconds)
Weight: 60 grams
BEC: 3 amp 5volts switching UBEC built in to ESC
Battery: 2-6 cell lipo, 5-15 cell NiMh/NiCd
Auto Lipo Cell Detection
Maximum RPM: 210,000 rpm 2poles, 70,000 rpm (6 poles), and 35,000 rpm (12 poles)

Programmable Features: (all can be programmed with the throttle stick):
Brake: on or off
Battery Type: lipo or NiMh/NiCd
Cutoff type: throttle down or hard cut off
Lipo cutoff voltage: 2.85, 3.15, or 3.3 volts per cell
Startup mode: normal, soft, super soft
Timing: low, medium, high

Additional Features:
Over-heat protection: ESC reduces power if temperature gets over 110 degrees C
Signal loss protection: ESC will reduce power if signal is lost for 1 second, after two more seconds, ESC shuts down
ESC shutdown if motor fails to start after 2 seconds (saves your ESC from overloading)
Full throttle range stick programming: (full up on throttle stick can be set as 100% power)
ESC arming tone can be programmed to play one of 16 songs (requires optional field programming card)

Governor Mode: on or off (requires optional field programming card)


Product Code: P60ESC


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