Hobbywing FlyFun 40 Amp ESC


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Genuine Hobbywing FlyFun 40 amp ESC with 3A switching BEC
(Formerly called "Pentium" by Hobbywing)

NOTE: Beware of low cost Hobbywing Pentium knockoffs being sold elsewhere. Hobbywing discontinued the "Pentium" series ESC back in May 2011. Each Flyfun ESC sold by DonsRC comes with a Hobbywing Anti-Counterfeit Code.

FlyFun Series ESCs have lower internal resistance, thicker copper  traces,
and more efficient MOSFETs making them a superior value for their money
than other ESC on the market. Packed with programing
features which do not require a special programming card to activate, these
ESC's are the best bang for your buck on the market today.

Requires bullet connectors.

Current rating:
40amp continuous (55A burst <10 seconds)
Weight: 33 grams
BEC: 3 amps (5volts) switching,
Battery: 2-5 cell lipo, 5-15 cell NiMh/NiCd
Auto Lipo Cell Detection
Maximum RPM: 210,000 rpm 2poles, 70,000 rpm (6 poles), and 35,000 rpm (12 poles)

Programmable Features: (all can be programmed with the throttle stick):
Brake: on or off
Battery Type: lipo or NiMh/NiCd
Cutoff type: throttle down or hard cut off
Lipo cutoff voltage: 2.85, 3.15, or 3.3 volts per cell
Startup mode: normal, soft, super soft
Timing: low, medium, high

Additional Features:
Over-heat protection: ESC reduces power if temperature gets over 110 degrees C
Signal loss protection: ESC will reduce power if signal is lost for 1 second, after two more seconds, ESC shuts down
ESC shutdown if motor fails to start after 2 seconds (saves your ESC from overloading)
Full throttle range stick programming: (full up on throttle stick can be set as 100% power)
ESC arming tone can be programmed to play one of 16 songs (requires optional field programming card)

Governor Mode: on or off (requires optional field programming card)

Because these now have switching BECS you MUST not connect two ESCs together on a Y harness unless you have disabled the BEC on one of the ESCs. To disable the BEC,  you simply pull the red wire out of the servo lead, then place some heat shrink around the red wire to insulate it. Once you have done this, you may then join the ESCs on a Y harness. Failing to do so will damage one or both of the ESCs as the BECs will try to overpower each other. DonsRC is not responsible for damaged ESC that are wired incorrectly.


Product Code: P40ESC


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